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THE FUTURE IS HERE, Veterinary physiotherapy TECHNOLOGY

Physiotherapy is the treatment of pathologies or traumas through the use of forces of natural origin, such as heat, cold, massage, water, therapeutic exercise, light, electricity and magnetic forces. (Downer A.H, Spears V.L).

Physiotherapy has ancient origins, it is believed that the first precursors of physiotherapy were the doctors of antiquity such as Hippocrates and Galen that starting from 480 A. C proposed treatments such as massage, techniques of manual therapy and hydrotherapy to patients.
The first documented origins of the current Physiotherapy as we today refer to the Swedish Per Henrik who founded in 1813 the “Royal Central Institute of Gymnastic” (RCIG) for massages, manipulations and exercises.

WHY CHOOSE Veterinary electrostimulation?

Electrostimulation in veterinary physiotherapy is an instrumental technique with which the physical force (electric energy) that the therapist uses to obtain the biological effect is generated and conveyed. Its use is widely exploited, as well as for the treatment of neurological and orthopedic diseases also in pain control, to improve muscle tone and strength, in the correction of postural abnormalities, in the reduction of edema and in the transdermal absorption of drugs. (iontophoresis).

Modern electrostimulation devices have a wide variety of programs and modulations adaptable to different needs, from the recovery of atrophy and muscle strengthening to analgesic streams. Electrostimulation through acupuncture needles, totally harmless to the animal, allows to work efficiently and precisely even on small areas and ensures maximum comfort for the patient.

Osteopathy, Ultrasound, Underwater treadmill

Veterinary Laser Therapy TECHNOLOGY

The laser pulses act at the cellular level activating the metabolism and the natural repair and regeneration processes, improve vascularization, increase tissue drainage and reduce pain by acting directly at the level of nerve endings. Some devices combine pulses at different wavelengths that reach greater depth in the tissues, maximizing the antalgic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect of Laser Therapy.

Laser, through the electrical stimulation of substances having its own energy, is an emitter of luminous electromagnetic radiations characterized by the following properties:

  • Monochromicity: Emission of a single wavelength
  • Phase coherence: Radiation phase emission
  • Directionality: Small angle of divergence of the emitted beam
  • Brilliance: Emission with high energy density


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