Underwater treadmill

//Underwater treadmill

Underwater treadmill

The most modern rehabilitation and muscle strengthening units for our four-legged friends


The underwater treadmill system is the most advanced and modern form of veterinary hydrotherapy and has marked in recent years the turning point from veterinary physiotherapy to motor re-education of the animal patient.

The underwater treadmill is a tapis-roulant on which the dog walks immersed in water.

The presence of one or more operators in the tank ensures maximum control of the patient’s reactions and allows the therapist to act directly on walking defects: therefore this tool allows real movement re-education.

The sliding mat is located inside a tub measuring 2.5 meters in length by 80 cm. In a few seconds from a pump the water is introduced into the tank after the patient and the therapist have taken up position, so stress and risks related to lifting and immersion are avoided. Within a few seconds the tank is filled by a pump that draws from a pre-heated 28 ° water tank.

The hygiene and bathing of the tank are guaranteed by the filtering of the water contained in the tank and by the daily monitoring of the parameters of clarity, Ph and free chlorine (the latter two in accordance with the accepted standards for human whirlpools).

The height of the water can be manually adjusted by centimeter in centimeter and modified at any time by the operator and influences:

  • The floatation, therefore the relative weight of the patient and the muscular effort necessary to move the limbs
  • The patient’s balance: with the shallow water greater turbulence is created in the tank, increases the effort needed to move the limbs and the stimulus to maintain the balance;
  • The active joint excursion: with water at the carpal level the maximum extension of the hip is obtained, with the water at the level of the pelvis the minimum extension of the hip. Therefore, by acting on the height of the water it is possible to prevent painful movements for the single joints or to stimulate movements that the patient needs to recover.
  • The underwater treadmill is therefore suitable for any treatment, respecting the pathology, size and type of the animal. It is adaptable to every patient, from the Chihuahua to the alano, from the thin to the obese patient, from the patient suffering from hip dysplasia to that operated for a spine problem.

The enormous advantage of assisted walking in underwater treadmill compared to swimming is that the sliding of the belt provides the patient with a continuous stimulus similar to that which the ground offers to a healthy animal during walking.

The need to balance on a “flowing ground” further stimulates the patient’s balance.

The platform accompanies the movements of rear extension of the limbs in the support phase, while the floatation promotes the lifting and the advancement of the limbs during walking.

So the patient in rehabilitation in the underwater treadmill does exactly what he needs to go back to walking: with the manual help of the physiotherapist he is able to correctly move, in an easy, controlled and as pain free and functional limitations as possible.

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